Monday, 26 September 2016


Just a quick post with some photos from a recent trip to London, we went for two days and fit quite a lot in considering. Some of the places we visited - Harrods, Liberty London, Covent Garden, V & A Museum,  Sketch Bar, Madison Rooftop Bar and Portobello Road in Notting Hill.
My favourite place we visited was definitely Sketch Bar which I can't recommend enough. I've been a couple of times now and it never fails to amaze me, I definitely would recommend ringing them and booking before hand rather than just walking in as it can get so busy and you might not get a table.
Another favourite was definitely Madison Rooftop Bar which we happened to find by chance, such an amazing view and the prices are really reasonable. Let me know in the comments if you've been to any of these places and what you thought of them!

Covent Garden
Liberty London
V & A Museum
Be At One Covent Garden
Sketch Bar
Five Guys Covent Garden
Madison Rooftop Bar
Portobello Road, Notting Hill
All photos are my own so please don't use them without permission from me first.
If you have any questions about any of the places I visited please feel free to email me at -
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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Bedroom Transformation

My bedroom is such an important place for me as I spend a lot of my free time in it - sleeping or relaxing - and its always been so important to me to make it as nice as I could possibly afford to. But recently over the past few months of finishing university, travelling around the west coast of America and starting a new job, I really let my bedroom become a bit of a mess. One of the biggest problems with how my bedroom looked before I decorated was the smoke damage left from lighting candles in my room. Because my room is so small and three out of four of the walls were white there was a lot of black smoke damage across the ceiling and around the window frame where the smoke from my candles had drifted up which was really noticeable. I have never really considered myself to light a lot of candles or a lot but this was the only realistic explanation I could think of for the dark marks (see in photos below). I'm now in a more of a comfortable routine with my new job and have a bit more spare time so I decided to take action with my dad and decorate my bedroom. Before I do anything in life I create a Pinterest board, this is so important to do for me, because I feel I tend to dive into things head first without really thinking too much about how it will all look together - some of my past bedroom wallpaper/paint choices have been extremely questionable. Some of my Pinterest inspiration...

Image sources from left to right:

Photos by Brooke Holm for Arro Home, styling by Marsha
Photos by Brooke Holm for Arro Home, styling by Marsha Golemac

The 'before' images of my bedroom -

As you can see in the images theres a lot of dark smoke damage around the side of the window on the white window wall. The fourth wall that isn't visible in the pictures is just my built in mirrored wardrobe which I forgot to take photos of because it won't be changing during this process, but I will take photos of that in my after photos so that you can see the room as a whole. 

The 'after' images of my bedroom -

The fourth wall of my room is a double mirrored wardrobe and is pretty much the entire length of this wall!

Little details of my room from left to right:

  • Candle holder - New Look
  • Soap wrapped in lemon paper -
  • Vase and flowers - B and M
  • Small plant - New Look
  • Black box - gift

More details from my room -

  • Candle - gift
  • Pineapple candle holder - gift
  • Light box - New Look
  • Lamp - Wilkos
  • Love heart box - B and M

The prints in my room - 
From left to right:
  • (I just searched 'gold foil eat well, travel often print')
  • The orange flower framed is my own illustration which I sell as a print, for commissions like this or something a bit different, email me at
  • (I searched 'the world is your oyster print')
I don't think my room will ever be completed fully because I'm always going to be buying more things and changing it up every few weeks, but for now I am so so happy with this current colour scheme and the white walls allowing me to change it up when ever I feel like it. I love how fresh and clean it feels and I can't believe how bad I let it get before now!

If you've recently done a post about decorating a bedroom let me know in the comments because I would love to read about it and see some before and after photos!
Please feel free to leave any comments,

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