Friday, 17 February 2017

Blog take over - Alice Rose Toth Designs

Alice Rose Toth Designs is taking over my blog today, Alice is a surface designer currently at the end  of her final year studying Textiles and Surface Design at Cleveland College of Art and Design. Alice creates beautiful, colourful and intricate illustrations and collages which she then places into a pattern for fashion, interiors or gift wrap surfaces.

Alice, when did your interest in design first start?

"I have always loved to create, from painting pictures and collaging when I was young to where I am today in my Surface Design degree. It wasn't until my last year in my Art and Design/Textiles A Level that I felt inspired to further pursue design and I began to believe in myself as a designer. I feel that I have an eye for colour and texture, and beautiful, interesting designs really excite me. Yet it wasn't until my degree where I feel that I have really developed a love and appreciation for design." 

How would you describe your style?

"I feel that my style within design is vibrant and energetic. My Final Major Project -that I am currently working on - features a lot of textures, abstract mark-making, vivid tropical foliage, quirky, stylised animal illustrations and plenty of colour pops. My style as a designer has developed over the years, with my design work becoming more 'out there', colourful and visually interesting. I like to try and go with my gut instinct and ultimately create something exciting and beautiful. I am also learning not to play it safe with design, which - so far - *fingers crossed* seems to be working.

What has been your favourite illustration you have completed so far?

"My favourite illustration changes all of the time; at the moment it is my simple giraffe line drawing, which I am going to further develop in my Final Major Project. I love this image as I feel it shows a quirky characteristic of the giraffe." 

What kind of designer would you want to be known as?

"Ultimately I would love and aspire to be a self-employed/freelance textiles and surface designer for both fashion, interiors and gift wrap surfaces. I would love to create and sell my own collections, as well as commissioned designs, prints and products."

What are you working on currently?

"My main focus right now is my Final Major Project - 'Tropical Safari' - within which I am exploring the contradiction of the diverse, beautiful and vibrant world and the animal kingdom and its self-destructive nature. For example, natural disasters. I am developing my animal and foliage illustrations, collages, textures and mark-making into exciting compositions, in preparation of creating my final collection. You can explore my Final Major Project, inspirations and design work on my blog: 

What advice would you give someone wanting to become a surface designer?

"Enjoy! Being creative is one of the best things in the world; if you love design, a creative degree is such an amazing experience and you will truly find yourself as a designer. There are so many exciting opportunities and you have the freedom to explore your ideas and visual interests. I can't wait to see where my journey as a surface designer will take me post-graduation."

What are your major goals over the next few years?

"My main goal is to continue to grow, learn and develop as a designer. I aim to get my surface designs out into the world and create my own collections, commissions and client briefs as a self-employed textiles and surface designer. I would love to continue to develop my blog and social networking... As well as establishing my niche in the design world. Ultimately, I want to create."

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