Saturday, 9 November 2013

Claire A. Baker

Claire A Baker is a textile and surface designer specialising in embroidery and also a designer maker who creates accessories for fashion and the home, stationery, tableware, collage, framed artwork and greetings cards.

Claire's embroidery work is some of the most beautiful and detailed work I have seen before, there is so much detail to each piece that you could literally look at it for hours and still find something interesting that you never noticed before, here is just three of my favourites.

Vintage Paper Rosette - £10, Winged Lady Brooch - £13.95, Limited Edition Linen Bag - £59, Love You ring - £15

Again literally the most detailed, beautiful pieces from Claire's ceramic collection. The dark fairytale theme is so clear throughout the pieces through use of complementary colours and use of imagery and design of the pieces.

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