Thursday, 21 November 2013

Writing a CV...

Today in my Professional Studies lesson we were asked to, in groups, write down what we thought was appropriate to have in a letter or a email to a designer in regards of work experience, and then also begin writing a suitable CV.
After a discussion our group decided that an email was a much less formal approach, and would be needed to be wrote in a less formal way than say a letter to a designer, we also came to a conclusion to a layout of a letter and a email, starting with a introduction to who you are, why you're writing to them and when you'd be interested in volunteering for some work experience. 

Some of our ideas wrote down in quite a creative (messy) way...

We decided that if we were to include images of our work, they'd be attached on a seperate page at the end of the email/letter, in order to look much more professional.

With regards to starting our CV's, we thought about an appropriate order and layout for the CV's, and we thought about how we could fill the sections out more appropriately to fit around the job, in order to seem more suitable for the job, only mentioning appropriate past job experiences.


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