Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Final Major Project Update

Here are some images of recent work for my Final Major Project! Lots of designs are on-going and still need a lot of work but here is a small update anyway. Please feel free to leave any comments about any of the designs you like the most! I will be posting a lot more images of my designs soon.
Designs on Photoshop before being sent to the printer.
Market placement in a interiors environment. 

Gold foiling screen print of my design.
The above image was taken for a online profile for my degree show in June this year, here is the link ... make sure you have a look at the other profiles also exhibiting at Cleveland College of Art and Design at the same time as me! So much beautiful work and talent. 


  1. Great designs and awesome talent.

  2. Wow, the designs are amazing ❤️


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