Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Photographer Gary Walsh

Gary Walsh is a photographer based in Stockton - on - Tees who has been making a name for his business for some time now as the most talented photographer around, he is also one of my biggest creative inspirations and influences. Gary's style embraces creative lighting, contemporary compositions and brilliant use of environment. His work includes still-life, people, wedding, food and lifestyle photography, with many design and advertising agencies. Having worked with regional businesses for several years he understands the needs of commercial environment and testimony to this is the vast amount of repeat business and referrals generated from his work.

Interviewing Gary...

Where did it all begin?

My love of photography began when I enrolled on a college course, went into the darkroom armed with my first negative and developed a black and white print. From the on I was hooked. My girlfriends (now my wife) father had been presented with an SLR camera as part of his long service award from ICI and he had no real use for it. This coincided with me signing up for an A Level course in photography. Armed with his camera and a bag full of enthusiasm I was ready to photograph anything that moved and some stuff that didn't. I shot still life, landscapes, macro, sport and portraits. After completing various college assignments I found that interacting and photographing people was when I was happiest. I love the fact that initially the camera becomes secondary to the breaking down of barriers with my subjects and as soon as they have relaxed, the camera, composition and creative skills kick in. It's a profession I love and keep working hard to perfect.

What inspires your creativity?

The short reply to this is everything that surrounds me and most things I come into contact with. I think visually in a split second as humans we decide whether or not something sparks in us. Then as a creative, the playground in our heads takes these visuals and stores them away and in my job as a photographer they present themselves in many different guises later in my images. I love music, fashion, humans, photography, food & life...

Are you still enjoying photography?
I meet fascinating people on an almost daily basis and I attend a wedding almost every weekend. New opportunities are always around the corner, of course I'm still enjoying it...

You've had an amazing career, what has been a stand out moment?
I was asked by a musician friend to photograph an up and coming singer songwriter he was working with. We spent the day together and he was keen to strike any pose I asked of him. He was hungry for success and knew my images would help boost his profile. He was James Arthur and he went on to win the X Factor...

Out of all the shoots, which one has been your favourite?
Without doubt working as part of The Queen's Golden Jubilee Celebrations. I was allowed close access to The Queen and was one of the only two photographers on the Royal Rota to shadow The Queen, along with legendary photographer Arthur Edwards who was my wingman during this very high pressured shoot. At 71 years of age he moved quicker than me and knew all about royal photographer protocol, so I spent most of my time following him and by doing so I learnt so much. There's no bigger A-lister than The Queen...

You can find Gary at -
Website - www.garywalsh.co.uk
Instagram - @garywalshphoto
Facebook - www.facebook.com/GaryWalshPhotography
Email - studio@garywalsh.co.uk
Telephone - 01642 355205

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